Imagine that all work with the client goes according to a scheme close to the ideal, which you can control at any stage. Today it is possible with cloud-based deal room solutions. This article will explain why consulting firms prefer using deal rooms instead of data storage.

Deal room: develop long-term relationships with clients

Thanks to cloud technologies, the workplace concept has changed, and new approaches to work organization have appeared. Small companies began to actively use the work of remote employees, as they got access to tools that allow you to communicate and evaluate results remotely. They choose a single space for work, which significantly simplifies employee interaction and allows them to work from any place without being tied to the office. Company managers master new tools the fastest, but sales departments are also happy to use technologies that increase the efficiency of interaction with customers.

Deal room is a perfect example of a cloud-based solution designed for automating and improving business efficiency, including consulting companies. So, how do they use such digital platforms? And what about the data room price? Are data rooms affordable? 

Data room advantages for consulting firms

The applicability of a data room in a consulting company arises when the number of clients and the number of tasks becomes so large that it is impossible to administer them “manually.” A feature of the consulting market is the uniqueness of each client. That is why the most important aspect of increasing sales and profits is building effective interaction with the client. But it is very difficult to control the relationship with the client when their number increases. Therefore, consulting firms move their business operation into the online deal room to organize secure and transparent collaboration.

The digital deal room ensures the following capabilities for consulting companies:

  • An organized database stores information about each customer so no customer is lost.
  • There are ready-made templates for different types of documents to automate routine processes. You can create templates for recurring tasks.
  • Accounting system for tasks and meetings. Directly in the data room, you can schedule appointments and meetings. Any task can be divided into several stages, each of which the management can leave comments and instructions.
  • Employees can work from any device and anytime – the system is constantly available online.
  • The deal room helps organize work with long-term, multi-stage transactions. The implementation of this mechanism is possible both with the help of the sales pipelines module and with the help of the project management module.
  • Long-term transactions requiring the involvement of third-party specialists are perfectly organized with the address space of the platform’s external projects.
  • The business process module allows you to catalog transaction documents, and you can always return to this archive and get a comprehensive answer to all questions.